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System Overview

(1)Advanced frequency hopping communication technology, to ensure that even in the case of various kinds of interference, the system also has a highly reliable data communication.
(2)15 wireless communication channel can be set arbitrarily which can effectively avoid radio channel occupied by other devices.
(3)3.7V lithium battery-powered, with three battery charge display. About 50 hours working time, charging time is about 4-5 hours.
(4)Each voting machine has a unique address code.
(5)Each communication channel supports up to 250 wireless voting units, a whole system can accommodate up to 3750 seats. (Can be customized according to the number of channels, to increase the number of the receiving unit)
(6)If the input data is error, it can be modified, the data is just sent after pressing the “OK” button.
(7)LCD: 47 mm * 41 mm; 128 * 128 dot matrix display.
Dimension: 482 × 324 × 91mm
Power source: 220V ± 20%
Machine power: 1.5W
Channel number: 15
Cascade interface: 8P-DIN socket
Cascade Communication: RS485
Computer connection: standard RS232
Emission frequency: 433MHz
Emission power: 10mW
Communication distance: 150M
Single max capacity: 500 votes, standard 250 votes
Day line: 20CM

Charge machine: charge 40 pieces BE-8100R at the same time.

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