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system translation BE-610F
System Overview

system translation BE-610M
·High security, prevent interference and eavesdropping,is suitable be used in all kinds of meeting
·Test mode on the controller
·(ALC) Built-in automatic level control, Multi input channels (6 channels) for receiving the input signals, LED audio level indicators
·Light immunity prevents the interference from the lights and other wireless signal
·Smart design, 19" rack mountable
·Advanced Frequency synthesis PLL technology
·Multi output channels (6 channels) for recording
·Modulation: FM
system translation BE-610T
·High transmit power available to suit venues of different size. The coverage is 30 metre. Easy to be chained together to expand coverage
·Multi channels in one controller, Emission angle is 45 degrees
·Can be mounted on the ceiling and wall or on optional floor and tabletop stand
·Transmit signal adjust switch
system translation BE-610R
·Comfortable handheld design, which can used with earphone.Black and white color for selection.
·LCD display shows the channel number, power level and signal strength.
·Up to 6 channels for receiving the IR signal
·An automatic channel interlocking function prevents input signals from using the same output channel.
·Volume control knob
·Easily operation
·Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, can work last for 24 hours
·No limited units can be used within the coverage of IR signal
·Can move around with the coverage of IR signal
system translation BE-610F
·Comfortable headphone for listen the input signal, two interpreters can use one interpretation unit.
·Personal volume control, feedback control function
·An automatic channel interlocking function prevents them from using the same output channel.
·COUGH CUT function for muting microphone
·Completely digital equipment design.
·Interpreters can press SLOW button for asking the speaker to slow down their speaking speed
·REPLAY: if the interpreter can not understand what the speaker speaks, they can press REPLAY button for listen the translation from other interpreters
system translation BE-610C
Rechargeable case for IR receivers
One case can charge 40 pieces IR receivers at the same time. Easily operate.

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